Shelby Church of God
4062 London West Road Shelby, Ohio 44875

Bishop Rick Lewis

Bishop Rick Lewis has been preaching since he was 16 years old. He preached his first sermon at the Empire Road Church of Deliverance in Mansfield Ohio. Following in the foot steps of his father and mother he accepted his called to the ministry at a young age. Having been raised in a Pastors home he learned how to become successful at relationship and ministry. Bishop Lewis often attributes his success in Pastoring to the way his father and mother has always lived Christ in front of him and taught him through their experience how to be faithful to Christ. 


Bishop Lewis attended the South Central High School. After high school he continued in ministry pursuing a closer relationship with God. He went through varies educational programs starting back in 1988 and became an Ordained Bishop in the Church of God not long after that. Since the beginning of his ministry career, over 30 years, he has successfully pastored 4 Church of God churches. He came to Shelby in 2001 and has faithfully served for the last several years. On top of being a pastor he has served as a local Licensed Real Estate Agent since 2012.  


First Lady Connie Lewis, and Bishop have four grown children and five grandchildren. Throughout the years they have worked together in ministry and have seen many people come to the saving knowledge of Christ. This dynamic team have become great fore runners for Christ and have set a Godly example on how to serve God and family. 


In 2018 Bishop Lewis had a vision to build a large gymnasium next to our current church facility. Over a year a later we have successfully passed all inspections and have so many amazing things planned for that building. After serving as Chaplain of the Shelby Police and Shelby Fire Departments, he got a burden for this town seeing that there were so many out there with nothing to do and so many young people making bad decisions. Through this season in his life a New Vision was birthed and we are so honored today to have this amazing building. He cannot wait to see what all the Lord has planned!