Small Groups

Why Join a Small Group?


Although there are several reasons to join a small group, these are the top three reason at Shelby Church of God.


 1. Spiritual Growth-Experience a casual, interactive setting from which to learn more about who God is and how His word can transform your life through fellowship.  Small groups help you grow to full maturity in your relationship with God and others.  You will experience more of the abundant life Jesus has to offer.

 2. Relationships-Gain a sense of belonging and the chance to connect with other people.

You will begin to really feel like part of God’s family.  Most people who have been a part of a group say the greatest benefit is the close relationships and friendships that develop.  You’ll discover your needs and problems are not unique~we’re all in the same boat join a group.

3. Encouragement-Enjoy a safe place where people can pray about life’s difficulties and celebrate life’s victories through fellowship.  It will provide excellent support in times of crisis, change and stress.  You’ll have a sense of stability and security knowing there are people who really care for you and are committed to standing with you


Whatever your age we have a group just for you !!


FIREPROOF MINISTRIES (19-39)  Group Leaders: Jason & Tina Martin                                                                                                                                 David & Courtney Roach

CFC  (ages 37-47  Group Leaders:  David & Donita Mosley

Joshua People (ages 60 +)  Group Leaders:  Jim & Grace Copley