Youth Department
The Baileys  have  been youth pastors for nine years. They have 3 beautiful children, Brittany, Dylan and Faith.  They are doing an awesome job with the youth.   You can sense the love they have for these young people.  Some of these kids have come from broken homes, and been on drugs and alcohol.  Through the love they have received from the youth pastor and the church their lives have been totally changed.
Bailey's email


We have a passion and love for youth & youth ministry.  Our primary goal for the Lord's Ministry to our young people is to teach them the gospel by word and deed.  Teaching them to know what the word of God says about everyday living, and more importantly to KNOW WHY they believe what they believe.  Showing them thru our everyday walk that our lifestyle needs to be a lifestyle of worship to the Lord.  Also to encourage them to use the gifts and talents God has given them thru singing, praise, dance, drama, writing, praying and studying God's Word.  Our goal is also to encourage Godly relationships in the family, church, school & work.  Teaching and showing them that God has a plan ("an expected end") for their lives.  We invite all teens 7th thru 12th grade, high school students (No matter what your background) to come out and be a part of this exciting youth group.   Youth Pastors Jim & Michelle Bailey

Drama Team:   
This is a group of young people who love to worship God in song and dance. This year they took first place at Northern Ohio State "Teen Talent" Competition.
We are so proud them.  They are a bunch of good kids.  
Jason and Tina Martin, 
Mark & Kim Bumpus,  
Pam Cooper and Tammy Barnett.