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Daniel 10: 2,3    NIV VERSION

2 At that time I, Daniel, mourned for three weeks.

3 I ate no choice food; no meat or wine touched my lips;

and I used no lotions at all until the three weeks were over.



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  • Fasting involves a spiritual commitment to God. Be clear and follow the guidelines of your commitment. “Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself” (Daniel 1:8).
  • Before beginning a fast, write down a plan and make a verbal commitment to the Lord.
  • When you approach your fast with determination and a clear
    goal, you will be less likely to waiver in weak moments.

My cause or reason for fasting:





I will fast: Begin Date: ______________ End Date: ______________

Type of fast: _______________________

Who will I ask to fast with me, if anyone?
By the strength and grace of God I commit to the above fast.

Signed                                     Date




What is fasting?

Biblical fasting is giving up specific food
and drink for a specified number of days for
a specific purpose. The type and length of
the fast you choose is between you and
God, and should not be determined by what
anyone else is doing.

Fasting, prayer and reading God’s
Word go hand in hand.

When you fast, also
pray for God’s purpose and plan for your life
to be revealed. Fast and pray about every
major decision in your life.
Simply put, fasting is a way to conquer
the physical and open the door to the supernatural
in your life. When you deny your
body, you feed your spirit and grow closer
to the Lord.

Why fast?

In Matthew 6, Jesus gave us specific
direction on how to live as a child of God.
That pattern addressed three specific duties
of a Christian: Giving, Praying and Fasting.
Jesus said, “When you give”. . .“when you
pray” . . . “when you fast.” He made it clear
that fasting, like giving and praying, was a
normal part of Christian life.

Types of fasts
Be sure to consult your doctor before
beginning any fast, especially if you have
any type of medical condition.

Drink only liquids – especially
water. On this type of fast you may also
take in clear broth and 100 percent fruit and
vegetable juices in order to maintain your
strength. You establish the number of days
for your fast in your prayer time.


There are many options
for partial fasts. Below are just a few
for you to select from.

Daniel Fast :

The most frequently
used example of a partial fast is found
in Daniel chapter 10. The Daniel Fast is
a fast from meats, sweets, breads and
any drink, except water, for a specific
time period (Daniel 10:2-3). The easiest
way to think of this fast is eating
only vegetables and fruits, and drinking
only water.

The following are examples of other
types of partial fasts.
give up one item of food or drink
such as caffeine, coffee, soft
drinks or sweets
give up one meal a day for a
specific amount of time, one meal
a week, etc.
fast for a specific number of days
. . . one day, three days, so on.
choose to fast from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m.
or from sun-up to sundown. When
doing this type of fast, consider
your work and sleep schedule. The
hours that you sleep should not
be considered part of your fasting
period, so the timeframe for this
type of fast may vary.

CORPORATE FAST vs. Private Fast .

A Corporate fast is a joint fast of believers
for a specific purpose that can yield powerful
results. Although this fast involves others,
it is also very much a “private and personal
experience between you and God.” Esther
called all of her people to fast for protection
against danger (Esther 4:16). Samuel declared
a fast for national revival (1 Samuel 7).

Other common questions

> What if I have a medical condition?
Consult your doctor before starting any
fast. Decide together what is possible. If your
health condition prohibits you from fasting
food, try fasting something else and concentrate
on prayer and Bible study. God knows
your heart.
> I forgot and ate something that wasn’t
on my fast; do I need to start again?
No, think
of fasting as a marathon, rather than a sprint.
Don’t give up! If you fall down, get up and
keep trying. Conquering “king stomach” is
difficult, but you’ll make it.
> Do I continue to exercise while fasting?
For most people moderate exercise is OK.
But it is best to always consult a doctor about
fasting and exercise. If you are on a complete
fast, you may not have the energy for
> What if I have a manual labor job? If
you have a job that requires you to expend a
lot of physical energy, you may want to consider
a full fast for one to three days or make
your fast a partial fast that allows you to receive
enough nutrition to perform your job.
> Can my husband and I be intimate
during our fast?
Read I Corinthians 7:2-5,
especially verse 5, which says, “do not
deprive one another (of sexual relations)
EXCEPT WITH CONSENT, for a time; that
you may give yourselves to fasting and
prayer.” So the answer is yes. Scripture allows
this for the purpose of fasting and prayer,
BUT only with mutual consent.